“In the fall of 1971 the Imperial Sovereign Rose Court of Portland, Oregon, having just elected their first Rose Empress, invested the late ted northe with the title Empress of Canada. Upon his return to Vancouver that year, ted began the formulation of Vancouver’s own court system: The Dogwood Empire. In March of 1972 Vancouver held its first Coronation at the Commodore Ballroom and crowned its first elected Empress, the late Charity I. In the following years Vancouver mentored other Canadian courts into fruition and as a result holds the honorary title of The Mother Court of Canada.

ted-northe1(ted northe 1937 - 2014)

On January 6th, 1976 The Dogwood Monarchist Society was constituted under the Provincial Societies Act as a not-for profit organization tasked with providing social interaction within Vancouver’s LGBTQ2+ community and upholding the principles of a democratic monarchy. The constitution was presented as a gift from Emperor III Little Ray to his Empress Bobbi Blake IV at their step down in March of 1976. Although not mandated to do so, the DMS has, from its earliest days, displayed a charitable leaning by providing funds in times of disaster or hardship for community members. By the early 1980’s, with the advent of the HIV crisis, the DMS became, for all intents and purposes, a charitable organization. The bylaws of the Society were eventually amended to mandate the support of three local charities, to be chosen by the reigning monarchs, one of which must be dedicated to the support of people living with HIV.

dogwood-1024x643(Ad for a 1981 Dogwood Monarchist Society event)

Over the past decades the DMS has streamlined its operating costs, focusing on profit driven functions and proudly funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars into the community through their Majesties’ chosen charities.

The Mother Court of Canada was officially recognized as such by the ICS in 2010 and holds the honour of being presented second, after San Francisco, at all Coronations.”

-Empress IX DeDe Drew

For more information on the International Court System please visit impcourt.org