1. In accordance with DMS bylaws, the board deals with upholding the society’s reputation, dealing with international drag court counterparts, safeguarding capital assets including regalia, bestowing honours and providing direction to the executive where needed.

    Former Emperors and Empresses inducted into the College of Monarchs sit on the board. Meanwhile, the executive – elected annually by all DMS members – is charged with running the day-to-day affairs of the society.

    The executive consists of a president, two vice-presidents, treasurer, secretary and two co-chairs. The last two positions are occupied by the reigning Emperor and Empress.

    The executive to the 47th reign is as follows:

    Co-Chair – Her Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty, Empress XLVII of Vancouver, B.C., Misty H. Meadows-Gurl
    Co-Chair – Regent Emprex XLVII,┬áContinental Breakfast
    President – Cory Yanciw
    Vice-PresidentVee Pho
    Vice-President – Kyle Simunovic
    Treasurer – Jenn Mickey
    Secretary – JJ Nation