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Reign 52 Monarchs

In March 2024, Emperor Papa Bear Kevin and Empress Chantelle Lee were voted in to represent Vancouver as the newly elected monarchs for Reign 52 of Vancouver BC.Together, with their team of volunteers, they serve the community as courtiers who assist in running the year’s social and fundraising efforts. Importantly, each and every individual involved with the DMS donates 100 per cent of their time so that as much money as possible can go directly to the charities.

This year, the reigning monarchs will take a return back to timeless glamour.

Their objective is to foster community connections, making sure that everyone regardless of age, gender, identity or expression feels represented, seen and heard with this years motto: PEACE LOVE AND INCLUSION.

Emperor 52

Papa Bear Kevin

Kevin Horn AKA Papa Bear Kevin was one of last year's Imperial Crown Princes for Reign 51.
With over 25 years experience with the International Court System, he has been chosen by the community this year to reign as his Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty, The Aurora Polar Bear ABBA Love Emperor 52 of Vancouver, BC.
He will continue to raise funds and advocate for deserving non-profit charities, and provide support to all members of the community while also travelling promoting the beautiful city of Vancouver.
Empress 52

Miss Chantelle Lee

Chantelle Lee has decades of expertise in art: doing photography, modeling, dance and art/theatre production. Since her first start as a drag queen performer in Edmonton, she has used her platform as a performer to raise funds for multiple causes including AIDS/HIV, homelessness, addiction/substance abuse, mental health, intimate partner violence and addressing different forms of oppression including racism, ableism, xenophobia, sexism, and transphobia. In addition to this, Chantelle has worked with different community organizations to do outreach and provide wrap-around supports to those who often are invisible and face multiple barriers. This includes those who live with AIDS/HIV, are unhoused, live with addiction/substance issues and/or mental health issues, experience abuse in their relationship, face discrimination because of their skin color, disability/neurodivergence, gender or who they choose to love. Her passion for community is anchored in her lived experience of what it is like to be ‘invisible’ or ‘excluded’ as she is a person of colour, a drag queen, a transgender individual who lives with a disability. Instead of ‘fitting in’, Chantelle found her way of living a quality life through leveraging her assets and finding a way to serve her community. To this end, she believes the best life is the one that is filled with self and collective love, humility and gratitude in the act of serving communities to flourish.

Her Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty,
The Motor Rolling, Heels on Wheels,
Black Diamond Empress of the North . . .
The 52nd Elected Empress Of Vancouver
Miss Chantelle Lee Sundance Lonestar

Beep Beep