Steve Lobsinger – Bio

Steve saw his first drag show at Denman Station and was immediately captivated.  Watching Willie Taylor and Diana Rose and getting to know them lead him into the world of the Vancouver Drag Community.  He learned quickly that beside the great talent was also great people doing great things.  Steve jumped on board as Treasurer to Mr., Miss, Ms Gay Vancouver and continued his executive involvement as Treasurer to the DMS for 5 terms.  In 2006, he took the plunge and ran for Emperor 33 of Vancouver and was blessed to win.  Steve spent a year with his Empress Jaylene Tyme spreading goodwill, raising funds and acting as ambassadors to their community.  It was one of his proudest moments and cemented his admiration for the DMS and the larger ICS (International Court System).

Upon completion of their reign, Jaylene and Steve were appointed to the board of the International Council of the ICS.  In 2016, after serving 5 years as Dean of the College of Monarchs to the DMS, he thought it was time to step back from the front and enjoy his time pursuing other passions .  The excitement surrounding the election of Emperor Tommy and Empress Jane to the 46th reign, proved to him that his time of involvement was not quite done.  Steve is honoured to act as president to the 46th reign and looks forward to supporting and achieving the progressive vision of our monarchs.