Vee Pho – Bio

Vee Pho is a public relations professional focused on making change, and connecting people across the arts and culture industries. She was born in Montreal, QC and eventually raised in Vancouver, BC where she quickly learned the importance of community.  After completing her Bachelor’s of Arts in Communications, Art and Technology, she started working in the LGBTQ nightlife industry and found her place as a show lighting designer and promoter.

Vee is passionate about intersectionality in queer rights, bridging generations and cultures and hopes to do more for her community.  Currently, she serves as the Public Relations Manager of Eco Fashion Week, an international sustainable fashion event based in both Vancouver and Seattle, a role in which, she works with influencers, and innovators to find solutions for a healthier fashion industry. In addition, Vee serves as the Public Relations Manager of Vancouver’s first Indigenous Fashion Week, where her efforts are many-fold, as she works on both the production and the public relations departments.