Dogwood Monarchist Society

The Dogwood Monarchist Society (DMS) is registered under the Societies Act of British Columbia and is led by an elected Emperor and/or Empress tasked with raising money in support of local charity organizations.

The 47th Imperial House of Vancouver, the Mother Court of Canada, The House of the Milky Way, is currently led by:

Her Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty,
Empress XLVII Misty H. Meadows-Gurl

Do you want a Queen who was the first drag artist on the moon?

The Queen who discovered penicillin?

A Queen who vastly exaggerates her achievements?

Then Her Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty, Empress XLVII (47) of Vancouver, British Columbia, the Mother Court of Canada, Misty H Meadows-Gurl, is the Queen for you.

Like a themed cocktail, Misty is one part Tim Burton, one part Stepford Wife, one part Screen Siren and just a dash of Serial Mom.

This “clown in a gown” – originally from England – now calls Vancouver (with a brief stop in Alberta) home. She was fed old Hollywood and camp queens with a spoon by her eccentric family. This resulted in a queen with a warped sense of humour and a classic costumed look.

Known for her creative numbers, Misty always strives to make the audience smile and beg for more. She looks forward to using her talents to give back to the community through reign XLVII’s four charitiesXLVII’s four charities.